Origins of Peach Cactus

Peach Cactus got its start back in 2017. For several years, Andrew and Danielle had off-and-on conversations about moving from their hometown, but it would not be until mid-2016 that serious discussions, planning, and eventually the decision to move across the country came to fruition. Through this process arose an idea to blog about their journey along the way, but what would the blog be called? This was an easy decision ... Peach Cactus. "Peach" is Georgia's official fruit and "Cactus" is a common tree-like plant in Arizona's landscape. And so on February 13, 2017 was registered, a blog was created, and the move announcement was posted.

The blog was unfortunately short-lived. The blog lost traction after only a few posts, due to other priorities, and so the domain remained registered but dormant. Sometime during a nearly 2 year period there was a decision to repurpose Peach Cactus from just a blog into a YouTube channel. Some initial content ideas were talked about, and so on November 13, 2018 the official YouTube channel was created, which set this as the official founding date of the Peach Cactus brand.

A couple of days later the first video was posted. Peach Cactus had immediately evolved from basically nothing into a functional brand with a purpose and presence. Some initial word-of-mouth networking with family and friends proved to be rather popular so inspiration continues to this day.

In July of 2019, several changes were made to further fine-tune the brand. Of those is: acquisition of several other social media platforms for reservation of their namesake; registering the .NET and .ORG counterparts of PeachCactus.COM; and the decision of Danielle stepping into a background role helping the channel but still doing a collab video like in the original days of the channel on an occasion.

Ever since its founding, we have adhered to the original purpose of creating videos, but we hope to see the Peach Cactus brand grow beyond our wildest imaginations, and we look forward to you joining our Peach Cactus family on this journey!

Andrew & Danielle

Current Motto/Tagline

"Connecting you to technology, product reviews, unboxings, gaming, and more!" -- 7/22/19 to Present

Original Motto/Tagline

"Welcome to Peach Cactus! Follow us as we share about technology, unboxings, gaming, crafting, diy projects, and a little about our life. We want you to be a part of our Peach Cactus family, so be sure to like, comment, and subscribe! " -- 11/13/18 to 7/22/19

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